B3Africa Dissemination Activities: Highlights

By Maimuna Mendy, International Agency for Research on Cancer

In this final edition of the newsletter, it is a pleasure to share with you highlights of the dissemination work package (WP) and events that were undertaken by the B3Africa project.

The project’s main goal was to provide an IT platform to facilitate biobanking and data sharing for research across Europe and Africa and the aim of the WP was to sensitise and promote the adoption of the eB3Kit, primarily in the use case centres but to also engage potential users that would benefit from the use of the platform and resources.

Thus the activities were designed to target researchers, IT and ethics personnel and policy makers contacted through project specific events, workshops and international conferences, focussing on biobanking, biosecurity and research. We were successful in covering a range of interests from emerging infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases and cancer, dealing with all aspects of sample and data sharing from ethical and legal frameworks to quality management.

B3Africa booth and award-winning poster at the Europe Biobank Week, Austria, September 2016.

Dissemination activities were conducted through the website; publication of articles in refereed journals; video teasers and the quarterly newsletter.

  • The project website was visited by over 53,000 visitors registering over 1 million hits since its inception.
  • Over 10 articles were published on the technical components of the eB3Kit as well as on the ethics and legal issues related data.
  • Oral and poster presentation on the project development were presented at international, regional and national meetings resulting to a total of 24 B3Africa events organised in African (10) and European (14) countries and numerous conference presentations.
  • A video teaser on biobanking and data sharing was developed in addition to videos on the development of the eB3Kit, all these resources are available in the project website.
  • A total of 11 issues of newsletters were published between 2016-2108, over the period of project’s lifecycle to provide updates and project related news, these were widely circulated to over 750 recipients on the mailing list.

One important goal of WP 6 was to develop a sustainability plan to ensure that the tools and platform developed for the project are maintained and that more biobanks and institutions will have access to the resource. In this regard, the project partners were active in follow-up discussions with potential collaborators and stakeholders such as representatives of the African Academy of Science (AAS), the West African Health Organisation (WAHO) and the Africa working group of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Society for Biobanking and Biopreservation (ESBB) to explore opportunities and possibilities for collaboration for the sustainability of the eB3Kit following the end of the EU H2020 funding.

The eB3Kit showcased at the Uppsala Health Summit, June 2018