The “Use Case” Work Package: A Proof of Concept

By Roxana Merino Martinez,  Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Several activities have been carried out in collaboration with the rest of the work packages, to train and to bring support during the process of implementing the platform in the selected institutions. WP7 has been also coordinating the developer team of B3Africa project aiming at fulfilling common user requirements and towards sustainability and further development of the B3Africa informatics platform.

Pilot implementation of the eB3Kit at the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia to the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (MRCG-LSHTM), Fajara, The Gambia, 25-28 September 2018

The most relevant achievements were planned and executed in synergy with WP5 (Training and Education).  The eB3Kit was installed and tested in all the use case institutions. Besides, the most relevant component of the platform, the Baobab LIMS developed by WP3; has raised a lot of interest from biomedical research institutions in Africa and Europe. The BIBBOX developed by WP2 is the operating system for the eB3Kit. It is being used by other projects and infrastructures as BBMRI-ERIC. Its concept has evolved from an apps store for LifeScience to a complete suit for managing and integrating open source software and generated data. It can use virtualization or can function as a physical portable box that provides a mini cluster for processing and storing data, and a network to connect several users.

As part of the sustainability plan, Karolinska Institutitet, the leading organization for WP7, will provide the eB3Kit as a service for the Swedish biomedical researcher community through the KI e-Health Core Facility (

B3Africa use case institutions

Country Institution Affiliation
Kenya ILRI B3Africa partner
Uganda Integrated Biorepository of H3africa Uganda B3Africa partner
The Gambia Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia BCNet partner
Ghana Breast Care International BCNet partner
South Africa Stellenbosch University B3Africa partner
Nigeria Institute of Human Virology Nigeria- H3Africa Biorepository (I-HAB) B3Africa partner
Malta Malta Biobank BBMRI-ERIC
Poland Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+, National Biobanking Node BCNet partner