The Research Community Welcomes Galaksio, an Accessible and User-Friendly Interface to Run Galaxy Bioinformatics Workflows

By Tomas Klingström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Galaksio has been very well received within the Galaxy community and it the reception of Galaksio on GCC/BOSC 2018 in Portland, Oregon (USA) was beyond our expectations. What Galaksio does is that it extracts the workflows available to a user on a Galaxy server and presents them in a user friendly manner. This enables us to maintain a very small codebase while bringing the benefits of the rapid advancements of the Galaxy project to our users.

This means that a laboratory can automatically upload sequencing data etc. to Galaxy and have users access it either through Galaksio to run predetermined best practice workflows or through Galaxy itself. We will also have a Galaxy tool available which retrieves the data from Baobab LIMS in JSON format and converts it into tabular data in Galaxy. Users can then select the columns of interest and merge metadata about samples with the experimental data uploaded to Galaxy for quality verification and further analysis.

Collecting data and making sure that it is an accurate representation of reality as possible is one the most difficult and underappreciated tasks of research. In the picture we are describing the use of the eB3Kit for phenomics research where we will try to make additional modules available (current BIBBOX apps in purple).

With the B3Africa ending our plan is to maintain our components as we will use the eB3Kit and its design paradigms in our own work. We expect the eB3Kit to be a big help in our work as it enables us to collect data from a variety of sources and present it to the user using Galaxy and Galaksio. Building the software of the B3Africa project on open source software also means that with the basic integration features functioning different groups and programmers can contribute to the continued development of each component and this the draft on how we may benefit from the B3Africa directly in our work.