Launch of the Biobank Learning Platform: Free Resources for Biobankers, Researchers, IT Specialists and More!

By Dominique Meunier, International Agency for Research on Cancer

The Biobank Learning platform has been developed to host learning and training material developed over the course of the B3Africa project. It includes more than 80 learning resources covering six main categories:

  1. IT infrastructure for biobanks (the eB3Kit, the BIBBOX, the BCNet Catalogue);
  2. Sample and data collection (mobile data collection with ODK);
  3. Sample and data management (Baobab LIMS, MIABIS, MTAs);
  4. Bioinformatics (Galaksio, Galaxy and link to other learning platforms);
  5. Ethical, legal and social issues;
  6. Quality and sustainability

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Biobank-based research involves a diversity of professionals, from biobank and laboratory technicians to researchers and bioinformaticians, information technology (IT) specialists and ethicists.

The informatics platform developed by the B3Africa project, the eB3Kit, includes components dedicated to each of these professionals, recognizing added-value of linking these disciplines together. To make sure the new platform and tools would be used effectively by all professionals, a strong “Education and Training” component has been integrated to the project.

At the early stage of the project, the B3Africa Education and Training team conducted a learning needs assessment among professionals identified as potential users of the platform at use case. The training plan that resulted from this assessment included 8 webinars, 2 in-person workshops, technical written documentation and video tutorials.

Learning and training resources produced in the frame of the project are now hosted The Biobank Learning platform , allowing current and future eB3Kit users to benefit from them. The learning platform will be maintained and further developed by IARC after the end of the B3Africa project, through the Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) Biobank and Cohort Building Network initiative (BCNet).