Recorded Webinar: Mobile Data Collection, Part I (71:30)

Picture credit: International Livestock Research Institute

Video recording from the B3Africa Webinar held on 19/04/2018

Trainers: Wangoru Kihara (International Livestock Research Institute)


  • General overview of the process and applications/tools (ODK collect, Azizi AMP); including printscreen of ODK collect, Azizi AMP.
  • Example of a data collection form in Excel format and demonstrate how to create one data collection point;
  • How to upload a new data collection form to the ODK server in the eB3Kit;
  • How to download “ODK collect” on an Android based mobile device and select your form;
  • Useful tips for the in-field data collection using a mobile device;
  • How to upload the data collected to the ODK server in the eB3Kit.

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